English & Community Kids & Teens – Level 1

English & Community Kids & Teens – Level 1
4 students

because of the rapid development of technology, we find our children on vacation and spend most of their time on social media and various games, and the source of their information and their enjoyment of time is the mobile or the iPad, and of course it will have a great negative impact on them.

Capsules helps every parent to discover the capabilities of their children and make positive use of the vacation time in which they learn about new skills and develop themselves in it through the Kids & Teens summer program.

Admission: From the age of 6 to 15 years.
The program includes two parts:

1) English Course:

Here, the language is acquired through Active Learning, which is based on the interaction between Students and Instructor through multiple activities that will help them learn in a simpler and faster way. The Level will be Contain (Grammar, Phonetics, Conversation, Vocab, Idioms) and we focus on it with 70% on Speaking.

2) Community:

Here, we teach your child various skills and many activities that will help him recognize his potential, develop his personality, and gain more self-confidence through:

▪️Character building
▪️Criminals cases.
▪️Theme days.

Here is how you will be enrolled into this course:

  • You will be added to the course’s waiting list.
  • You must pay 300 before enrollment.


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